What is TLL

The Legend Label is a brand formed by Matthew Lord, current Missouri Baptist University basketball player, and Andrew Pappas, former St. John Vianney High School varsity football player, to show what it takes to create your own path without regrets. Originated in St. Louis, Missouri, the boys wanted to make a sportswear based brand for the longest in which, they followed through.

The brand was created and fully ran by the two 16 year olds in 2021 with the idea starting all the way back in early 2020. Many believed this would be too difficult to accomplish which simply wasn't the case. They're becoming bigger and better every year and plan to continue onwards to keep the movement going.

There's a double meaning behind the word legend:

"A legend is a story that is somewhat true. From what most see, it looks like my career for basketball has been pretty smooth. That's not really how it was for me at all. I got cut from my high school basketball team both my freshman and sophomore year. I honestly didn't want to play for them my junior year so I decided the best decision for me was to create my own team. I created Legends Legacy so I can play my junior and senior year. Now, I'll be playing at the collegiate level. That's what makes the story a legend. I got where I needed to be even if my path wasn't traditional." - Matthew Lord

The other meaning of the word legend is someone who is known for being great at something. Legends never back down, so why should you?